I personally believe that one of the main purposes of art is to evoke emotions including the serenity, pleasure and fullfilment. This is possible through the beauty that I researched natural and perfect forms of shells. I am inspired to get ideal forms instead of copying, so my shells do not exist contrary to what one might think at first glance.

The name of my works may seem unusual, but it is for some time that I am working on this kind of form and initially I could see only the rhythm for the repeated spiral parallel lines. Then I realized the volume as harmony that gives body to the rhythm and music. I finally realized that this spiral volume, as such, is subject to precise geometric laws as well as the symphony must meet compositional laws to be defined.


For me the purpose of art is to inspire positive emotions such as serenity, pleasure and fulfillment. All of these emotions can be felt observing the Beauty, as well as with the classical and the renaissance art pieces. In my quest of beauty, I have observed nature for a long time and I found what seemed to sum up all the features I was looking for: the shells, created by small molluscs slowly, following a precise geometry as made by a rational thought, they seem themselves art.

My works are not limited to "copy" these wonderful natural creations: I try to get as much as possible the "beauty" formulas used by Nature, taking from shells and elaborating forms, surfaces and taking them to their essence. I get so instantly recognizable forms that unclassificable and undescribable as well as the Beauty.